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Status Update: August 2021

Development status and first alpha release date for paid users (Patreon and Stripe).

Posted by Carles Royan on August 22, 2021

Although there were little news last weeks, the project was not stopped, but the development have been done inside the Patreon community. Get a peek of what is coming.

First Alpha release date: August 25, 2021

Visual Basic 4.0 was released in August 1995, and it was first version which could compile to 32-bit. RAD Basic alpha will be released to Patreon and Stripe users in August 2021 and it will be first version which could compile to 64-bit. All paid users have to mark this day in their calendars: August 25, 2021.

As a alpha version, there will be missing features and rough edges, for example, projects are limited to Standard EXE projects. But it is a chance to try the future Visual Basic 6 replacement and help to improve it.

This version will be available only for paid users. Public version available for everyone will be released a few months later.

Development Status

Some of the development done in these last weeks summarized:

  • Saving forms (*.FRM files) as RAD Basic must be able to run an "open-edit-save" flow.
  • It was developed a new "Expression Solver" for the compiler, as it needed a reimplementation for fixing bugs in complex values as Dictionary->Array->Property access.
  • Support for Timer control (VB.Timer)
  • Support for control arrays
  • And working in core and fixing bugs, “boring” stuff that is very important as it is the foundation of the project.

This screenshot is from a new demo using animation with Timers and control arrays:

The development has not stopped and there will be greater news in near future.

Stay tunned!