RAD Basic Editions

Product editions

RAD Basic will be available in four editions: Community, Standard, Professional and Enterprise.






  Free Become a Patron for great discounts $129 (standalone license)

Become a Patron for great discounts
$299/yr per seat

Become a Patron for great discounts
$499/yr per seat

Become a Patron for great discounts
RAD Basic IDENew and modern IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with form designer supporting drag and drop, code completion, refactoring tools, etc.
Compiler RBC (RAD Basic Compiler)Compiler 100% compatible with your VB6 project (vbp, frm, bas and cls files). Generate native executables (exe and ocx) in both 32-bit and 64-bit. Only 32-bit support
You need a paid license (Patreon Community, Standard, Professional or Enterprise) for 64-bit support
Core Run-Time Library and Compiler source code You could access to public repository of Core Run-Time Library and Compiler.
Full Commercial use licenseIndividuals, open source, hobbyists and small businesses that have less than $100K of revenue or funds raised in the prior 12 months are eligible to use Comunity Edition. Limited Commercial Use
VB6 IDE plugin for compiling with RAD BasicA plugin for VB6 IDE which allows to call RAD Basic Compiler. So, you could continue developing in VB6 and compiling with new RAD Basic compiler.
RAD Basic FormsReimplementation of common VB6 controls and components supporting 32-bit and 64-bit.
List of RAD Basic shipped components
RAD Basic Forms AdvancedReimplementation of advanced VB6 controls and components supporting 32-bit and 64-bit.
List of RAD Basic shipped components
Chart component libraryEvaluation copy and great discount for: Steema TeeChart Pro.
COM/ActiveX supportRBCOMLIB library allows to work with OCX as easy as in VB6.
RAD Basic DataReimplementation of ADO and OLE DB: Controls and libraries for accessing databases. Older engines as Jet, DAO (Data Access Objects), and RDO (Remote Data Objects) are NOT supported.
DebuggerAllows inspect values of variables in runtime, insert breakpoints, etc.
SOJO (library for using 32 bit ocx in 64 bit application)With surrogate, container process and passing messages, allows 32-bit components in 64-bit applications.
DAGG (Database Automatic GUI Generator)Generate CRUD forms automatically from database tables.
Installer Builder (InstallAware)Generate installers for your applications with an special edition of InstallAware.
Git version control integration into the IDECommit, Branch, Push and Pull changes to and from remote repositories, etc.
Subversion version control integration into the IDEUpdate, Commit, Branches Switching, etc.
RAD Basic ADLibrary for ease access to LDAP/Active Directory.
Subscription updatesUpdates and hotfixes for the current release and major upgrades.
Beta accessEarly access to beta versions for testing early upcoming releases.
Customer SupportAccess to issue Tracker and private forums for technical support.
Customer Support PlusSame as customer support, plus: High priority to your issues, Conference calls for discussions and Possibility of review your code for a personalized solution (previous sign of a NDA if required).

For Professional and Enterprise editions:

1 Year Update Subscription included

Update Subscription is the RAD Basic subscription model for purchasing RAD Basic Professional or Enterprise edition. When you purchase RAD Basic Professional or Enterprise edition you obtain a perpetual license for that version. The Update Subscription provides maintenance updates and upgrades for that license at a fraction of the cost of a new license. Your first year of Update Subscription is included with your purchase!

Update Subscription provides:
  • All updates and hotfixes for the current release
  • On-going maintenance - updates and hotfixes
  • All major upgrades (ie RAD Basic 1.0 to next major release)
  • Customer Support or Customer Support Plus, depending on your edition purchased.