RAD Basic

100% compatible with your Visual Basic 6 projects

100% Compatible with Visual Basic

Open your vbp project and continue working as always. No conversions! No Migrations!

Design visually your forms

Be more productive with RAD (Rapid Application Development) paradigm!

It brings you the full stack

IDE, form designer, source code editor, integrated debugger, modern compiler to native Win32 applications, OCX common controls replacement, ...

Form designer for your VB forms

Your VB forms are editable without conversion. You can modify them in both IDE (RAD Basic and legacy VB6 IDE)!

Source code editor improved

New and improved editor with refactoring tools. Syntax highlighting, code completion, incremental compiling and more... Boost your productivity!

Powerize your development

Updated IDE, x64 native support, Win32 Visual Styles support and more... Upgrade your native VB applications without loosing compatibility.