Main developer

Carles Royan
Software Engineer for about 15 years

Worked in compilers in university. Check out Degree Final Project: compiler/translator from pseudocode to Java (sorry, it's written in catalan)

Did some work with ANTLR and hibernate (HQL parser).

Why this project?

  • Basic was my first language
  • Visual Basic was a great discover for me: you could build great and professional looking applications with so little code!
  • Angry about Microsoft discontinuation of Visual Basic 6 (or classic), and not offering an easy path for jumping into VB.NET.
  • More important: Visual Basic 6 is used in production in a lot of companies and applications. They need a solution. We need a viable alternative!

My beginings

  • 90's at 12-13 years old (i don't remember exactly) I began with GW-Basic.
  • After some years later I went with QBasic and Power Basic (both DOS)
  • And some years later I began with VB4 and went through VB5 and VB6.