Frequently asked questions


By the moment, the development is focused in building the core and implementing the most challenging features. So, the compiler is not useful yet for real applications, only for small test applications. When it could compile real useful applications, it will released for early adopters for testing purpose.
For Kickstarter campaign: it is planned one of the rewards will be access to first alpha version on June 2021.
The development of RAD Basic is done in my free time. Although it went well, it is impossible for this big project finishing it only with spare time. For the 100% compatibility goal is important the completeness of the project.
So, the Patreon page is for getting funding for working in the project full time, in a professional way. And Patreon is a great platform for get the community engaged. Empower all the Visual Basic lovers.

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There will be four editions, so you could choose one suited to you. From Community (free of charge) to Enterprise with premium support. Review editions comparison table.
No, output executables are native (PE executables). So, they won't need .NET runtime for run. The .NET runtime is only needed by Development Environment (IDE and compiler).


No, RAD Basic is developed from scratch using a different language (C and C#) and framework (ANTLR and .NET) from Visual Basic 6.
Microsoft will not kill RAD Basic, as it did not kill LibreOffice or other similar projects. For example, Mono (an open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET Framework), offered a cross platform implementation of .NET/C#. And it did not been killed. In fact, it was bought by Microsoft and it was integrated in .NET ecosystem.